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Message from The President Historic Achievements - WU Towards World Class University


Walailak University is now ranked by Times Higher Education (THE), achieving a world-class status as one of the 1,799 ranked research-intensive universities in the world. This is one of our proudest achievements, as it is the first time that WU has been ranked in the most internationally-recognized ranking category. This world-class status is the result of well-thought out strategies and persistent implementation of our initiatives. Central to all these is the emphasis on high-level publications. In 2022, our publications in Scopus-indexed journals in Quartiles 1 and 2 have grown to 83.3%, placing Walailak University 2nd in Thailand. More specifically, we performed outstandingly in Physical Sciences and Chemistry, ranking 5th and 11th respectively in the country according to the Nature Index Institute 2022. And SCImago Institutions Rankings 2022 placed WU at 15th in Thailand and 708th worldwide.

Quality teaching, as defined by the United Kingdom Professional Standards (UKPSF) first adopted by the University in 2018, is another hallmark of WU. Over 593, or 97.53%, of the University’s lecturers have been certified by Advance HE based on UKPSF. Our students learn in smart classrooms and participate in an eight-month long Cooperative Education in which students gain practical experience in various industries.

A total of 426 beds of the 750-bed Walailak University Hospital have been operational since 2022. This is a steady progress from 2017. Walailak University Hospital will play a very significant role in providing health care for the community, particularly for people in the upper South. 

All in all, in 2023, Walailak University will continue to progress with confidence and produce quality graduates who are ready for the job market and well-prepared for an ever-changing society.  

Prof. Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong

Work structure for driving green universities


To be an institution of good governance, a source of knowledge for critical problems facing the nation, to unfailingly address community needs, and to strive for international recognition for excellence.


Walailak University aims to discover, seek, maintain and disseminate knowledge and academic excellence for the progress of society. At the heart of its obligation is to develop individuals who are both professionally-proficient and morally strong.

The University’s Four Commitments:

  1. To lead high level training of students based on world standards, consistent with socio-economic develpment of the South of Thailand and Thailand as a whole;
  2. To conduct studies, research in order to develop new knowledge that can be of benefit to national productivity, and can help enhance international competitiveness of Thailand;
  3. To provide and share expertise and technical services to organizations, both private and government sectors, including research and training and technological transfer in areas that can help develop the region and country;
  4. To act as a center for the conservation and restoration of art and culture.


Green Walailak University Policies

Walailak University is determined to develop and promote environmental quality both in an academic and participation aspect and to cultivate conscience for good environment for students, staff, communities, societies and the country as a whole. The principal focus is on an environmental management in diverse dimensions including the resource, environmental technology, waste and pollution, human and society dimensions in order for the university to stand as a world class university treating environmental issues with priority and being accepted on the ASEAN and global community levels. To accomplish this mission, the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy principles and the Sustainable Development Goal as stipulated by the United Nations are applied as follows;

  1. Developing and creating a master plan dictating the use of land with priority if energy saving and environmental conservation.

2.Taking a revolutionary action to enforce decreased use of energy and extensive use of renewable/ alternative energy within the university

  1. Encouraging decreased use of water supply and effective water supply management within the university to ensure optimal benefits.
  2. Supporting waste management and zero waste by taking into consideration economic and social factors for the purpose of reducing waste by endorsing the practice of reducing, reusing and recycling and also demand effective and sustainable pollution reduction within the university
  3. Providing a transport service for environmental sustainability and use and provision of public transports, bicycles and walking paths within the university
  4. Endorsing every lecturer/student/staff – organized activity related to seeking effective solutions against the climate change issues caused by Green House Effects
  5. Facilitating the university’s environmental education and research by integrating sustainability into all curriculums and advancement as a research center for sustainability innovations
  6. Supporting and facilitating cooperation on academic, management, development and creation of technology and innovation for environment between the university and other organizations both on a national and international level
  7. Achieving the status of a proper model and holistic learning platforms of sustainability developed under collaboration of communities and stakeholders
  8. Acknowledging that sustainable development of the university is not only the mission but also the responsibility of all.


Prof.Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong

President of Walailak University

Walailak Concept

About Walailak University

March 29th, 2019 marked the 27 years since Walailak University was established. For over 27 years, we have facilitated many progressive steps of development and advancement in all relevant aspects. Two years ago, it become accelerating because of the global change. We, therefore, took this opportunity to call today “the Changing Age” of Walailak University.

The first change was to reform the teaching and learning methods. The One-way learning in the class (No interaction) was replaced with UKPSF (The UK Professional Standards Framework from The Advance Higher Education (AdvancyHE) to ensure the efficient learning of the students. This framework is aimed to strengthen the analytical and synthesis skills of the students. All lecturers (100%) at Walailak University have been trained on UKPSF framework in the variety of levels, ranging from Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow, and Principal Fellow. By the end of 2019, 40% of the total lecturers received the certificates of accomplishment for the Fellow and the Senior Fellow levels. This has put Walailak University a great success as the only one institution that has achieved this in the country. All of these indicated Walailak University’s commitment on improving and reforming the teaching and learning methods. This was to ensure that all personnel is well equipped with the skills to teach the students to be critical thinking, analytical, synthesis, and creative. 

The language institute was also established to revolutionize English learning. The students are required to select English language courses for 6 school semesters or 2 college years which in the past, they were required only for 3 semesters or 1 college year. This reformation will also apply with major courses of each student. To ensure that the students can actually apply their English in their daily life, all major courses will be taught in English at least for 50% of the classes. Within the period of 3 years, all departments will develop and increase the English instruction courses to reach the goal.

To produce the graduates in alignment with the need of the country, which is being efficient and proficient in profession, Walailak University has improved the cooperative education. In this new course, students are required to take the cooperative education for 8 months or 2 semesters instead of 4 months like in the past. When the staff take the graduates, they do not have to worry about the working skills. At Walailak University, we make sure that all graduates have the efficient knowledge and proficient skills in both academic and vocational.

In term of learning facilities, the new students starting in the year 2018 will get to study in the Smart Class Room and the modern lab (Digital LAB) in the health science courses and the science and technology course. Another facility that cannot be missed is the Sports Complex. We have improved and renovated the stadium to be modern and serving all students and university personnel. The health center of Walailak University to be finished in 2019 will be open for services in 2021 offering the 120 bed facility for the in-patients. It also is expected to accommodate 419 in the year 2022.

            Another proud of Walailak University is “Walailak Garden”. It was developed on 255 rai of land with the reservoir area in 130 Rai while its 125 Rai made up of landscape. Today, all people living in Nakon Si Thammarat province and nearby are visiting this garden. Those interested to visit Walailak Garden in a group, either from academic, government or other sectors can request a tour guide or join the Campus Tours offered by us.

Aside from all the changes and improvements of Wailailak University for over 27 years, we hosted a big event called “Walailak day” from March, 25- April 3, 2019. In the event, there was a Walailak Agriculture Fair where the exhibition was held to show the agricultural development to simulate and booth the local economy in Nakon Si Thammarat province. It also provided the opportunity for the farmers and local people to present and exhibit their agricultural and local products. This fair helped strengthen the agriculture and sustainability of the community. In the event, there was also the Walailak Research which was held during 27-28 March 2019. It also hosted an international conference entitled “the 4th Era of Industrial Revolution and its Impact” from 27-30 March 2019.


To be an institution of good governance, to be a leading source of knowledge, the best in local, and the excellent in the global. 


            We aspire to explore, to search for, to preserve and to transfer the knowledge in order to generate and maintain our academic improvement and excellence. This aspiration aims to bring forth the citizens with knowledge and virtue for the never-ending benefits of the nation and mankind. We are strongly committed to building a graduate embedding the following qualifications.

1. To become an up-to-date citizen of national and global, that possesses the democratic ideology, great knowledge, and wide perspectives.

2. To be an academic or vocational expert with knowledge, capacity, and skills in the interested fields and can efficiently apply those in their profession.

3. To be a “Pundit” who have consciousness, morality, and work ethic.


Walailak University has 4 main missions as the followings.

1. To produce and develop the labors to deliver the international standard and the needs in developing the national economy and society.

2. To study, explore, research, and develop the new knowledge that will create the quality graduates who are efficient to become self-reliant and also excellent in the international competition.

3. To provide the academic services to the public and private sectors including giving consultancy, suggestions for research, development, technology, and survey. We also offer training and developments to cultivate the innovation for economic and social development of the nation and region.

4. To conserve and restore the arts and culture heritage including customs, traditions, pure art and applied arts to set the example for the locals as a comprehensive learning institution.

For more information, please visit the university website:

Green Walailak University

Green University of Sustainable Happiness, Walailak University

Walailak University is a comprehensive university offering courses in social science, science and technology and health science and continually advancing its environment to serve as a residential university fully equipped with holistic infrastructures and facilities. The university landscape has been organized to be a learning source in a good, green and non-polluted environment (Green University). The university operates under the policy of Green Walailak University driven my determination to continually proceed as specified in the Green Walailak University approach, regarded so highly that it is enshrined in the university’s 20 year strategic plan (2018 – 2037) in the fifth strategic issue concerning developing an image of becoming a happy green university.

In compliance with the mission of supporting and facilitating environmental conservation and creating the environment constituting good health for students, several projects have raised awareness of the university not only for the communities but also surrounding communities. Parts of the university’ success were represented by university evaluation awards such as the environment-friendly university ranked by UI Green Metric which was in compliance with UI Green Metric World ranking. To achieve the university’s identifying image of a green university of sustainable staffin the aspects of infrastructure management, energy and climate change management, waste management, water supply management, transportation system management and environmental education and research, the WU Green University committee has been appointed to put to practice the policy and establish the sustainable university for happiness. The committee consists of administrators and academic experts from multiple faculties. Additionally, the WU Green University committee is in charge of coordinating all the sustainability projects in the university. The WU Green university committee appointment was designed in such manner to ensure a sustainable practice equally contributed by high ranked administrators to staff. The management is based on the integration between the university’s academic and action workforces to develop the sustainable university for happiness. At the end of 2017, Walailak University joined SUN of Thailand committed to the ultimate goal of aligning Thai societies with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. For further information on the sustainable university for happiness, please visit the university website