Transportation (TR)

Electric Shuttle Bus Service

Walailak University provides 16 elecitric shuttle buses for staff and one electric golf cart for students and staff. There are 5 routes of shuttle services including the campus, the student and staff dormitory area, the sports stadium, hospital, libraly, Walailak Park, and the front area of university. It starts 7 am – 9 pm every day. Basically, on each day the bus services can serve an average of 6,414 passengers  and operate about 628 rounds throughout the campus. You can check and follow up the electric buses though the E bus tracking in working hours.


Pedestrian Path Policy on Campus

Walailak University has had the Walk-for-Health campaign since the beginning of the university foundation because all buildings were designed to connect to each other. The buildings are connected by the Covered Walk Way covered by roofs. It is for students and staff to walk and ride a bike through the Covered Walk Way. Moreover, the covered way has the light system throughout the route, so you can travel safely.

Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Policy on Campus

The campaign of Walailak University is to encourage staff to commute by bus in the pattern called Carpool. It provides the electric shuttle buses for staff to commute because the university has a large area, so when there is an activity on the campus, the staff can go there by the electric buses. It aims to decrease the use of personal cars.

Transportation Policy Designed To Limit the Number of Motor Vehicles Used On Campus Walailak University member car's sticker

Orange for the president/VIP car.

Purple for personnel car.

Blue for the student motorcycle.


Guidelines for Development and Promote Bicycle Use in Green University

Research aimed to analysis the cycling attitudes and behaviors in university area, to discover condition
and limitation of physical bicycle way existing, to improve the existing bicycle way in practical use, to be
guideline in term of improving a bicycle route system in the green university. This research used four different
methods of data collection. The first, a literature review, the second, by analyzing existing university documents,
the third, a questionnaire and finally a survey and open forum for sharing ideas and opinions. These research
methods were carried out within two groups. The total of 47 staffs and 338 students were chosen through
stratified random sampling. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data collected from the Division of
land and building as well as from the questionnaires and surveys. In-depth comments were collected from
knowledge sharing activity.
The research found that there are four ways of improving the current system which are as follows:
1.) A set of rules or guidelines aimed at encouraging bicyclists to go in the same direction. 2.) Long term
planning conducted with input from users. 3.) The new system should be designed to meet the needs of
everyone. 4.) There should be a clear divided land use according to the public transit system.

Electric Shuttle Bus Service

Green campus project